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"You've probably never heard of Dr. Yellapragada SubbaRow," wrote Doron K. Antrim in Argosy in April 1950. "Yet because he lived you may live longer".

Every word of Antrim is true even today a millions live longer a more satisfying life because of folic acid vitamin, tetracycline antibiotics, and anti-filarial and anti-cancer drugs developed under the research direction in the USA of this Indian born biochemist turned wizard of wonder drugs

Besides the conquest of many illnesses that have plagued mankind for ages, SubbaRow contributed to the understanding of such life processes as muscular contraction which gets the living world's work done.

Mankind owes all this to the fact that YELLAPRAGADA SUBBAROW was a man driven by an insatiable thirst for fame. Yet very few know him. How in spite of such achievements can a scientist, especially a scientist who thirsted for fame, remain obscure in this age of instant communication?

SubbaRow was "a poor businessman" is the answer of a patent attorney who was astonished he had not taken any of the steps that scientists everywhere consider routine for linking their name to their handiwork. He was invariably in the audience when a colleague or a collaborator, pushed by him to the limelight, took the bow as each fruit of research directed by SubbaRow was revealed to the public. He never granted interviews to the press. He never made the rounds of the academies which apportion accolades among the achievers. He never went on lecture tours. He never did any of these and other things required of anyone with the least pretension to awards, honours and recognition and without which one cannot achieve glory.

How then was he a 'glory hunter'?

And what was the kind of fame he was after? CLICK HERE FOR MORE

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