Photo Gallery

Over 100 photographs available on these pages with credits given in the captions. Photographs arranged so captions can be read for an overview of Dr SubbaRow�s life and work.

Photo: Lederle
SubbaRow’s Favourite quotation from Johann Joachim Becher’s Acta Laboratorii Chimica Monacensis, Seu Physica Subterranea, 1669. (Needle-work by Anne Mowat, research colleague)
Photo: S P K Gupta
Umamaheswara Temple on River Godavari at Kotturu Jagannadhapuram: Descendants of a minister of Nawab Tanisha of Golconda, Yellapragadas were karnams, village record keepers, in this Andhra Pradesh vil ..
Photo: S P K Gupta
Niece Saraswati at the ancestral well: Grandfather Subba Raju gave up the karnam job along with the land that went it to his brother, her great-grandfather, and moved to a town where his two sons coul ..
Photo: S P K Gupta
Nadimpally House, Bhimavaram: SubbaRow was born on January 12, 1895 in this modest house rented by his father while head clerk in the taluka office.
Photo: Cyanamid
Yellapragada Venkamma: Determined to get her children educated to be professionals, she made many sacrifices but herdomineering ways made SubbaRow rebellious and undertake escape bids.
Photo: S P KGupta
Girls’ School at Narasapuram: SubbaRow attended this with sister Annapurna to begin his education.