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Over 100 photographs available on these pages with credits given in the captions. Photographs arranged so captions can be read for an overview of Dr SubbaRow�s life and work.

S. P. K. Gupta, 1965
Plaque to C. N. Taylor at School Now Known as Narsapur Central School.
S. P. K. Gupta, 1965
The Veeresalingam Theistic High School, Rajahmundry: Entrance.
S. P. K. Gupta, 1965
Boat pulled alone a Godavari canal.
S. P. K. Gupta, 1965
Headquarters of M. S. N. Charities, Kakinada.
(Lederle Swamy)
Yellapragada Venkamma at dedication of Lederle pharmaceutical plant (May 23, 1953) at Parnera (Bulsar), Gujarat, with American Ambassador George Allen. V. R. Swamy interpreting.
Lederle Photo from newsreel. V. V. Sharma
Venkamma unveiling SubbaRow Memorial Plaque at the Bulsar Plant.
Studio photo R. R. Kastury Ramlal Lekhi, Delhi 1
17. SubbaRow and Seshagiri Wedding Portrait).
S. P. K. Gupta, 1965
Yellapragada Seshagiri (Mrs. SubbaRow).
Photo: S. P. K. Gupta, 1965
Kastury Surya Narayana Murty and Mrs. Murty (YSR's in-laws).
Carnatic Studio, Madras {1923) P. Sitarama Rao
With Students of Ayurveda: Standing (Left to right): Mukkamala Venkata Sastry (Munganta), Manthravadi Gangadhara Sastry (Kolluru); Gurti Subramanyam; Indraganti Venktateswara Sarma (Bezwada). Sitting ..


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