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Over 100 photographs available on these pages with credits given in the captions. Photographs arranged so captions can be read for an overview of Dr SubbaRow�s life and work.

Photo by S. P. K. Gupta, 1965
Dr Edward Meilman.
Photo by S. P. K. Gupta, 1965
Vanderbilt Hall.
Lederle Sisir Mitra
William Brown Bell
Lederle Sisir Mitra
Dr Wilbur Malcolm, Director of Lederle Laboratories.
Dr SubbaRow in shirt-sleeves at Lederle Laboratories.
S. P. K. Gupta, 1965
Miss Anne Irene Schivek (Mrs. J. H. Mowat) (Thiamin scientist).
S. P. K. Gupta, 1965
Apartment House at North Middletown and Braunsdorf Roads intersection at Pearl River, NY (SubbaRow lived in central apt. on 2d floor).
SubbaRow with Dr Irvin S. Danielson and boys Kenneth, Robert.
S. P. K. Gupta at Buffalo, NY. 1965
Dr and Mrs. B.R. Baker with biotin formula on the blackboard.
Lederle Lab notebook
Thomas Hughes Jukes.


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