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Over 100 photographs available on these pages with credits given in the captions. Photographs arranged so captions can be read for an overview of Dr SubbaRow�s life and work.

Lederle Boothe
Lederle Folic Scientists: J. H. Mowat, R. B. Angier, Y. SubbaRow, J. Semb, J. H. Boothe.
Folic Acid group without Y. SubbaRow: B. L. Hutchings, J. H. Boothe, J. Semb, J. H. Mowat, R. B. Angier, E. L. R. Stokstad and Coy W. Waller sitting with the first jar of folic acid.
S. P. K. Gupta at Pearl River, NY 1965
Dr. Nestor Bohonos.
S. P. K. Gupta
Dr William B. Castle., Boston City Hospital.
Child with anaemia.
Pregnant woman
Child in womb.
Spina bifida.
Spina bifida repaired.
Heart patient.


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