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SubbaRow Club is a group doing the follow up of the work of The National Committee for Dr Yellapragada SubbaRow Centenary set up in 1995 which secured wide recognition in India of the contributions made by Dr SubbaRow by holding seminars, memorial meetings and photo exhibitions besides getting the government issue a centenary stamp.  Its residual funds were transferred to Indian National Science Academy INSA which has instituted a triennial memorial lecture. 

Subsequently, Mr S P K Gupta, Secretary, as mandated by the National Committee, is carrying on its work. He has mainly acted as catalyst to get ad hoc local committees in Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Visakhapatnam to hold memorial meetings and mount  photo exhibitions with source materials left with him.

Members of the SubbaRow Club work to institutionalise the  carry-on  work of the National Committee.

Dr K Kannan is the patron of the Club. A distinguished biotechnologist, Dr Kannan is currently the Vice Chancellor of the Nagaland University, Kohima.

Professor Suman Kapur is the Honorary President of the Club. Currently Professor, Biological Sciences Group at Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, Professor Suman Kapur has specialised in research into genetic markers for vulnerability to chronic human diseases and psychiatric disorders.

Web designing is a passion of Veenu Aiswarya, who holds the master's degree in biotechnology of New Delhi's Indraprastha University. Veenu created the basic contours of the web site as a labour of love.

Pankaj Maheshwari is a freelancer working with magazines and designing houses in Delhi.He gave a bright new look to the web site

Nitin Gupta is a web designer & developer, whose Swastik Creations has won reputation for good work designing some 250 websites of all kinds. Some of his websites are, Nitin has updated the website as of April 2, 2008

Asha Ramachandran is a senior journalist who brought out Down to Earth from July 2001 to May 2003 as the science and environment magazine's Coordinator.  As a Fellow of LEAD the international network of professionals offering leadership in environment and sustainable development, Asha has worked in Brazil, Malawi and Russia besides Kerala, Lakshadweep and Haryana in India. She is currently a special correspondent in Delhi of The Statesman. and 

Dinesh C Sharma is an award-winning columnist on science, health and information technology related policy issues. He is a regular contributor to The Lancet (UK), Bangkok Post (Thailand) and Your Health (Dubai), as well as Indian publications, including the Hindustan Times. His articles syndicated by network appear in web editions of the New York Times, Business Week and other publications in the US and the UK. He was awarded a special prize for coverage of cancer in Indian media by the European School of Oncology, Milan, in 2003

Dr. N. Raghuram, Reader, School of Biotechnology is a  member of the Society of Biological Chemists (SBC, India), Society for Experimental Biology (SEB), UK., Federation of European Societies for Plant Physiology (FESPP), EU., American Society for Plant Biology (ASPB), USA., His field of interest are Signal transduction and gene regulation in plant primary metabolism, Science dissemination and policy research.

Professor P C Sharma, who launched the website, is Dean of School of Biotechnology,GGS Indra Prastha University, Delhi. 

S P K Gupta has for over five decades now worked for spreading awareness of the life and the great services of Dr Yellapragada SubbaRow to humanity by collecting details of his life and work, writing and publishing his biography (In Quest of Panacea), and coordinating his Birth Centenary celebrations and their follow-up. care Evelyn Publishers.


(c) Evelyn Publishers, This Website is dedicated to Dr Yellapragada SubbaRow whose contribution to human well being is unparalled