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Miracle Man of Miracle Drugs 




A portrait by Philip Rane Born in this humble home



Rich Child bride finances medical education Swamins of Ramakrishna Order motivate SubbaRow to become a medical  doctor


With colleagues who seek cures for modern ailments from ancient Ayurveda In this Harvard Lab,                 Dr. SubbaRow discovered ATP


They synthesised Folic Acid Dr Duggar who screened moulds for Dr SubbaRow

SubbaRow's Hetrazan protects people from elephantiasis


Child with leukaemia given fresh lease on life (shown with mother and brother)

Lederle Laboratories
The SubbaRow Motto: Needlework by Mrs. Anne Mowat (nee Schivek) from Johann Joachim Becher, "Acta Laboratorii Chimica Monacensis, Seu Physica Subterranea", 1669.
Dr J. H. Williams
Yellapragada SubbaRow: An informal photo by Philip Rane.
Yellapragada SubbaRow: A portrait.
Yellapragada SubbaRow: A portrait. Photo: Underwood and Underwood.
S. P. K. Gupta, 1965
SubbaRow's birthplace. Nadimpally House, Bhimavaram, West Godavari district, Andhra Pradesh
S. P. K. Gupta, 1965
Umamaheswara Temple at Kotturu Jagannadhapuram (near Mukteswaram, W. Godavari) Ancestral Village of Yellapragadas.
S. P. K. Gupta, 1965
Aunt Balamma's House at Modekurru: SubbaRow spent part of his childhood here.
S. P. K. Gupta, 1965
Niece Saraswati at Ancestral Well in K. Jagannathapuram.
S. P. K. Gupta, 1965
Girls' School at Narasapur which SubbaRow first attended with Sister Annapurna.
S. P. K. Gupta, 1965
Taylor High School at Narasapur.


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